Monday, September 19, 2016

Marmf August 22, 2016

Hello hello!

Everyone I hope this week went well for You! This week was really
tough on me but the end of the week made it all worth it. God retaught
an important lesson to me this week. It was unfortunate but it had to
happen! Before I dive into this week I wanted to tell kari and Kayla
how proud I am of you for starting back at school this week! Kayla uvu
is such a great place! You are going to have so much fun there. I
can't wait to be in the same school as you again! I have the best
sisters ever! The weather has been savage here the last 2 months. High
humidity and high heat. It's crazy. We are working hard though and
trying to make things happen in sterling park. I'm really starting to
love the members of this Ward. On Monday of last week we went to my
favorite place Golf. The lady that works at the desk
always recognizes me haha. I'm getting pretty good dad! We have to go
golfing now when I come home. That night it rained really hard so we
walked to a less actives house and had a lesson with him. He is a pile
and won't come to church but we are making progress with him. His kids
aren't baptized so we want to get the whole family involved with the
church. It's just a tricky situation. We walk so much! Tuesday I was
on exchanges with elder Marshall! He is a stud. All our appointments
cancelled right in our faces. We walked 16 miles tracting and trying
to find people. It was hard. Marshall and I were dead. Wednesday we
did about the same we tracted for hours and hours and hours. We taught
a couple people but nothing too miraculous. I was being very impatient
cause things were not going the way I liked. We were looking for
potentials for the last couple minutes of the night. Then it started
to pour rain like crazy...we biked 12 miles home in the pouring rain.
It was so dang fun!! Hahah super dangerous cause it was a very bad
thunderstorm too. But awesome. Thursday was full of tracting and
tracting Hahahah that's all we did this week. Friday and Saturday was
straight knocking. Man people's hearts are very hard it's sad. We had
dinner with a less active family and they are super cool we taught
them and they are really wanting to return back to activity. We hope
and pray they will. Saturday we had dinner with the Isbells. They are
the best. A shooter family and I can't wait for dad to meet them
hahaha. But Sunday was the best day for sure. We had church and a
random investigator shows up and wants to learn more. His name is
almumy. Then we went to see the Isbells and they bought us backpacks
for our work. It was so nice of them! They also gave us combat knives.
Hahaha awesome. Jackie spoke at the new and returning member fireside
and I got to see many members from my last wards! It was incredible.
God retaught me this week about how sometimes we have to work through
the tough times to get to the really really good stuff! Sunday was
that stuff!! I was so happy! Jackie is doing pretty good! Her son
Josiah is crazy! I love the kid. I hope you all have a wonderful week.
I know this gospel is true and I love and believe it with all my
heart. Jesus is my best friend and has helped me so much in my you all!
Elder Routsong
Sorry my email is short and kinda lame. We went to DC today to look at
the monuments so I didn't have a lot of time to write

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