Monday, September 19, 2016

MClean Day May 23, 2016

Friends and family!

Hello hello! Another week! Wow seriously though time just flies so
fast. This week was good but the weather was straight awful except for
Thursday! Thursday was like the first time we've seen the sun here in
about three weeks. It's been a very rainy and cloudy springtime. I
heard the weather back out west is great though! This week we worked
hard! For pday last week we went to presidents house! It was awesome!
My leg is feeling better from my long board crash hahahaha but yeah it
was a good time! After pday we had FHE at the smiths house! We all
just talked! Between us and the sisters we had 5 investigators there!
It was awesome. I was nervous for Tuesday because we had to present
for zone training! I get nervous every time even though I've presented
and ran like 10 zone trainings. Thanks to my public speaking professor
at uvu haha. Elder McCray and I talked about our attitude in the work.
It's something I've been thinking about and struggling with lately. I
have to question myself if I do have the best attitude. When I stop
and think about it I can change and choose to be happy! It's the best!
Our attitude has a DIRECT correlation to our faith! Anyways, the
presentation went great! After zone training we went out to lunch with
one of my favorite people! Her name is Marie Hamilton! She is a 70
year old lady from Sierra Leone! She is so awesome! She took us to
shake shack. I love spending time with Marie! Mom and dad you will for
sure meet here when you come get me! After lunch I went on exchanges
with the Spanish elders. Elder biehn came out to the mission with me
and we had a good time. Met this awesome black,guy named Kenny he was
baptized about a year ago and has good grills on his teeth. Spanish
exchanges are fun ha but I have no idea what's going on. Wednesday was
kinda a boring day. People didn't like us:/ oh well! We tried our
best! Thursday I went on exchanges with the Vienna elders. Elder
overstreet and I are good buddies! We had a lot of fun joking around
while we worked. The sisters had a scary lesson with one of their
investigators so we went and gave them a blessing. That night we had
Tiffany at institute and it went super well! She loves the church! I
hope she makes the decision to get baptized.  Friday was a good day I
went on exchanges with elder Rammell in the Tysons Ward. We tracted
for like 3 straight hours. It was awesome! They have several people to
go check back with. We also helped their recent converts from Bolivia
move some stuff into their house! Cynthia and Gustavo are so dope!
Gustavo is a fighter and he was telling all these stories about
kicking people's butts. Apparently there is a lot of fighting in
Bolivia...kari I hope you didn't get involved in any! They are having
us over for saltenas this week:) Saturday was by far my FAVORITE day
this week. We took all day as a zone and helped with a community event
called McLean day! It was a local fair and we helped people's set up
rides and booths and spread mulch. It was so awesome...except it
rained the whole time...we still had fun! I got to play some bubble
soccer and ride a few rides with my comp. at the end of everything I
did a mud slide with some other elders. It was nasty but dang fun.
Saturday was a great day and they appreciated all the help we gave to
the community.  Sunday we had our investigator Tiffany at church and
she loved it! Our Ward is so good at fellowshipping people! I've been
here for so long haha! This week was also full of exchanges for me
haha but it was all fun! I'm at a point in my mission where change is
like everyday. I've started thinking about myself less. I can feel a
shift in my life as I have come closer to my savior Jesus Christ. I
know that the lord is taking my weakness and shaping them and molding
them into my strengths. His hand is in my life every day. I can truly
see it and feel of his love for me and for all of his children. I love
being a missionary. It's the most challenging thing I've ever done in
my life but it is worth it. Thank you for all of your examples to me
and your love and support! Happy birthday Emilee I can't believe you
turned 7! You are so old! Kayla congratulations on graduating
highschool last week! I'm so proud of you! Uvu is calling for you!
Elder Routsong

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