Monday, September 19, 2016

Sterling July 18, 2016

Friends and family!!

This week was so fetching crazy! Like straight crazy! Last Monday we
went with president and sister huntsman and all the other zone leaders
in the mission the to senate offices in DC. We met senator Orrin G
Hatch. He is the longest lasting republican senator in congress. He
was literally opening a session of congress when we met him haha. He
had a great spirit with him. He told us about his mission and is work
on battling socialism and changing America. On Tuesday we had our pday
and we went to the zoo Hahahah it was awesome. My goal was to tick off
the gorillas there. Got one to hit the glass pretty hard. So I
accomplished my goal. Those things would kill me so fast if it weren't
for that glass... Haha after the zoo we just hungout and wrote emails.
We had dinner with Bentley and he fixed my bike! I am grateful for
Bentley he is so awesome and a great ward mission leader. We got
transfers that night and I figured I won't be a zone leader anymore!
Yay! I'm dropping to a district leader and going to sterling park with
elder King and Neyman! I loved being a zone leader but 11 months of it
was hard! Wednesday we had district meeting and elder Merrill had us
do a nerf war haha then I packed and had dinner with eder who is a
stud. We played gatorball with sam. I hope he gets baptized. I said
bye to everyone in the Ward. was super hard for me to leave
Langley. I served there for 6 months and made so many friends. It was
really hard to leave. I know I didn't have the best attitude at times
but I loved Langley! I would go back. Elder McCray is so sweet!
Thursday we had transfers and I got elder King and Neyman. We stole a
mission jeep that was just sitting at transfers so now we have a car!
It'll probably get taken away... It's been super hot like 95+ and
humid. So I'm glad we have the car for now. That night we met a family
names the fredricks. They are cool but are moving so I won't have much
time to,get to know them! Friday we had to go to the office to drop
some stuff off and get a few things from my last apartment. We weekly
planned and tracted for awhile. We found a few good people to meet
with. And then we met brother Jimenez who is the cool guy in our ward.
Saturday we played soccer with our investigator Almumy. He is so dang
good! He wrecked my knee haha. We went to a baptism that I was waiting
for for 7 months. 7 months ago elder holdaway and I baptized a 13 year
old named tommy. He is a very smart kid. I love tommy. He has a light
that radiates from him! His dad ray didn't like the church. After I
left tall cedars I thought we had done. And now ray entered the waters
of baptism and is a changed man and a new follower of Jesus Christ.
What an awesome blessing it was for me to see! Truly brought me a
complete joy... Ray and tommy have a special place in my heart. Sunday
in the sterling park Ward was great! I met the Jensen family from back
in Colorado. They are both so sweet mom and dad! After church we
taught the Rivera family and they are sick! We had a rock concert with
them haha smoke machine and mic and guitars haha it was hilarious.
Such a good week. It is weird not being in a singles ward but I'm
excited to work here in sterling. I am grateful for my savior Jesus
Christ. He is my best friend. I love and enjoy the privilege of seeing
others come closer to him through sacred ordinances! I rejoice in my
god this week! Love you all so so much! Have a great and blessed week!
Elder Routsong

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