Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Memorial Day May 23, 2016

Family and friends

How was everyone this past week! Time flies when you are working hard
and having fun! Another Monday down! I believe this is week 20 in
Langley! Transfers are on June 2nd so I'll probably leave the singles
ward life. The work has been getting a little bit better each week but
progress is still slow. Last week for pday we went to top golf. I've
been there so many times that the lady recognized me Hahahah i love
that place. It's so much fun! Dad that will be one of our first stops
haha. After pday we went to FHE with Tiffany and we played volleyball.
This Ward is so unathletic it's so funny hahaha. Tuesday was a great
day though! We had district meetings and then e went and cleaned out a
nasty town house for this homeless program. What they do is they let
single homeless mothers live there for free. It was a nasty house
Hahah but we all had a fun time cleaning it. Then I went on exchanges
with elder cline. I love the dude. He is so funny and so trunky. He
goes home on Thursday so we had a great time! We met this couple from
ft belvoir that are dog trainers. They were so awesome! We talked
about if they were interested in investigating the church. They were
so nice and friendly! Elder cline and I stayed up a little late just
talking. I'm gonna miss having him around. He is one of my best
mission buddies! Wednesday we woke up early and went to the track and
I ran laps. I'm out of shape blahhhhh I also had a doctors appointment
and then we went to clean out this hoarders house. It was so nasty...
Literally the entire house had garbage in it and it was stacked to the
ceiling! There was only one little walk way and the house smelled so
bad! They fed us some nasty spaghetti afterwards and I wanted to throw
up. Easily the worst spag I've ever tasted. That night we went and
check on several people but nobody was home. Our Ward mission leader
took us out to dinner and it was awesome. Ate at this place called
district taco. Mighty good. Thursday we went to the office and picked
up a brand new car. It was awesome! Then we went to a recent converts
house in the Tysons Ward and they made us some BOMB saltenas! Oh my
gosh kari they were so dang good. Especially if you eat them with
green sauce... That evening we exchanged with the great falls elders
and I went with elder Merrill! We checked up on a few people and gave
a blessing to a lady in our Ward with some serious strep throat.
Friday we had breakfast and a lesson with Tiffany. It was super
awkward. Her mom doesn't like us too much. For some reason they
thought we were bringing a table and they got super ticked when we
didn't hahahaha it was so funny. We talked to Tiffany about the
importance of baptism. She said she wants to be baptized but won't
live the word of wisdom...uhhhhhh nahhhhhh. I told her she had better
start praying to live the word of wisdom. She will be baptized but it
will be a slow process. I like working with her though. Her mom is
just super bold and scary haha. In the middle of breakfast she just
picked up the table with all our crap on it and carried it off
hahahahah. We also gave Tiffany a priesthood blessing to overcome s
few struggles she has been having. Saturday we went to a sweet
clothing drive the oakton stake out together to help out Syrian
refugees. It was awesome helping them all out. It was super hot and we
were wearing church clothes so that was the only downside. We then
helped Bentley plant his garden! It was super hot outside... We were
sweating like crazy. Like 98 degrees ugh! And humid! We were driving
home all gross and saw a big group of people playing
naturally we stopped and played with them. It was awesome. They had
all talked to missionaries before! It was a big family reunion.
Straight crazy and everyone there loved us! They said "ohhhhhhh it's
those elders!" Haha black family reunions are awesome. Sunday was a
challenging day for me. All of our plans fell through. We were
supposed to take a less active who is struggling really bad to a sick
byu football devotional but he cancelled and so did the rest of our
appointments. So naturally I'm in a bad mood. I said a prayer and said
"will you take this bad mood away from me?" I said it twice and after
the second time I opened my eyes and I was happy! The atonement is
real and it can help us with the big things but also with the small.
Thanks for all of your love and support! I hope that you have a
wonderful Memorial Day! I'm thankful those who are fighting for my
freedom! Have a wonderful week!! :)
Elder Routsong

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