Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Week May 16, 2016


Hello hey hi! How is everyone doing this wonderful week? Another week
has come and gone! Wow time really flies being out here on a mission.
This marks week 17 of being in the Langley Ward. This week was
actually pretty good. It was for sure my busiest week here! I am
grateful to be here as hard as it has been. I've truly learned a lot
about our savior and about how to plan! So I'll jump into this week.
Monday was a pretty good day. We just played basketball in Annandale.
I love playing basketball but it totally kills me and I am tired the
rest of the day. But after pday went went to FHE and played this weird
game called ninja. It's a game where you try and slap each other's
hands. Hahaha this member accidentally slapped the crap out of one of
the sister missionaries hahaha it was super awkward. Tuesday we went
on exchanges and I was with elder hart in my area. He has only been
out for 3 months so he still is a greenie. We taught a less active
named manny. He is super cool he loves to play air soft and stuff he
just recently turned 21. I'm sad because he doesn't wan to,come back
to church.. We will continue to work,with him. After the lesson we
went to teach this kid named Daniel. He is a pretty cool guy but has a
lot of struggles. I actually taught him back in October when on
exchanges with elder adair. We also brought a member of our Ward with
us who is planning on going on a mission. It was a great lesson. It
was 8 at night and Daniel claimed to just have woken up...hahaha but
we read the Book of Mormon with him and challenged him to ask God
every day if it is true. He agreed and we will be passing him off to
the Braddock elders. Tuesday was pretty good we had two solid
appointments so I am always pleased when that Happens! Wednesday we
spent tracting and street contacting. People didn't like us too much
on Wednesday haha Thursday was a special day for me. We had institute.
Remember that guy who I helped push his car away from the house he
hit? His name is Mario and he is a caterer. He cooked an amazing meal
it was shrimp with squid and chicken in rice. It was so mighty good...
I almost died. I got to talk to him for awhile as we were eating and
he told me he had been cooking for 28 years. We shared the gospel with
him and he gladly accepted it! We are passing him to the mt Vernon
elders! I'm pretty excited to hear about his progress! Friday we had a
lesson with our homosexual investigator. He is making great progress
too! We gave him a church tour and read the Book of Mormon with him.
We then went on exchanges with the assistants down in ft belvoir! It's
always fun going down there! There are so many Africans and they love
when we teach them! We spent the entire day teaching people. Elder
jones and Blanchard are great assistants and have taught me a lot. We
goofed around after the day was over joking around with them is so
much fun. Saturday we spent some time at a Methodist food bank doing
service at a food drive! It was a tom of fun! Sunday was awesome too!
We had two investigators at church! Trey and Tiffany! It was awesome!
They loved church! We got to sit down with Tiffany after church and
talk about if she would like to,take the discussions and she said yes!
Tom was awesome! This week has been awesome! I've seen the lords hand
in my area and in my life this week! He strengthens me so much! I can
do all things through Christ! Thank you everyone for your support and
love!! Have a wonderful week!

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